Mining God’s Word
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  • Meadowbrooke Church

Mining God’s Word

Inductive Bible Study Method:

This course will cover a wide range of bible study skills which will enhance your ability to read God’s Word more deeply. You will learn 12 powerful strategies to further your study of scripture.

Immerse Yourself in Two Letters from Paul:

During the sessions, you will learn and hone skills in the letter to Philemon. Each week, you will apply your knowledge to Philippians. You will learn 12 principles for biblical application to your life.

Mining God’s Word is a 12-week inductive Bible study course. One of our elders, Ben McKay, will provide an in-depth exploration of how to understand scripture, with a main focus in Philemon and Philippians. If you’ve ever desired a greater knowledge of how to dissect scripture, grasp biblical context, or simply want to learn more about the Bible, this course is for you!